The building of ALSAGER WORKS 1956

The land was levelled, the roadways cut and the storm water and sewerage systems dug. This was all done by August 1956. By November, the building contractors, G. Percy Trentham  were able to set to on the factory proper, beginning with the sliphouse. The stack for the first kiln, Number Seven, was completed in June 1957, and the first of the buildings and making shops made ready. The sliphouse was operational by February 1958, and in that same month the kiln was lit.

The second kiln, Number Eight, was firing just four months later, and at the end of June ‘58, the factory came into large scale production.

On 23 August 1957 the 'Alsager Times' reported :  Good progress had been made with the new Vitreous China factory at Alsager. "We notice that Twyfords' new factory at Alsager is rapidly taking shape and that roofs are now on some of the buildings. It certainly looks a very handsome factory and far from detracting from the appearance of the district, we might say that it provides quite a smart new approach to the village from the North Staffordshire end."

Twyfords Alsager Factory - 1957