Remarkable Products

 The National 1879   
One piece of ceramic - a breakthrough at the time. Washout closet. By 1880 the sales of this pan were reaching 10,000 a year.

Twyfords History
Twyfords NATIONAL Closet 

 The Unitas 1883   
One piece, all ceramic, pedestal washout closet

1883 Twyfords UNITAS WC displayed in Twyford Reception
photo: March 2004

 The Twycliffe and Seat 1890   
Twyford Twycliffe and Seat. Syphonic action clears the pan.

Twyfords History
1890 Twyford Twycliffe syphonioc WC

 The Deluge 1894   

Twyfords History
1894 Deluge washdown WC

 Mortuary Slab 1899   

 Barbican Washbasin 1961   
In 1961 new housing standards were published. Amongst the recommendations was the need to include a handbasin in every toilet that was separate from the bathroom. The Barbican was the answer - the main body of washbasin being buried in the wall so that no space is taken up in the room.

The Barbican was a massive 1960s housing project with over 800 apartments being built in the centre of the City of London. The architects required a handrinse basin which could be built into the wall of the toilet cubicle in order to save valuable space. Twyford’s Barbican basin was the result “Available in five pastel colours and with left or right hand taps” was the advertising punch line. And the basin took off! It won design awards and was regarded at the time as a benchmark product. It has been used in applications as varied as railway carriage toilets and MacDonalds restaurants. To celebrate the Barbican Project a major new exhibition opened at the Barbican Galleries in London on 14th February 2002 and the Barbican formed a major part of the display.

Twyfords Barbican washbasin 1961

 Sola Washbasin 1962 Designed by Stanley Ellis   
A breakthrough in washbasin design and installation, requiring no pedestal
Design Centre Award - 1963


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Stanley Ellis designer of the Sola Washbasin 1963
Posing for photos on his retirement, mid 1980s

 Fireclay Products 1968   

Twyfords Fireclay - masoning Cleaners Sink,
an assembled Mortuary Slab and an assembled range of Adamant Urinals
photos courtesy Donald Parry

 Aztec 1970s   
Gorgeous new taps introduced which took the industy by storm at the time. Became the classic tap design and sold in millions. Non-rising spindle tap.

Twyfords Aztec taps - a classic of their time

 Olympian Bath 1982   

Olympian Bath 1982
Super heavy-weight steel
Launched by Duncan Goodhuw, Olympic Swimmer

 Aquagym 1983   

 Avalon Bath 1988   
Products for the 'grey' market.  Well ahead of its time - Avalon.  Designed for families.

Twyford Avalon Suite designed for people with special needs 1988

 Jupiter Moonstone and Inca Midnight 1989   
Twyfords Moonstone glaze Jupiter Basin with Inca Midnight ceramic valved taps

 Rimless WC 2007   
Twyford invent a new rimless WC that rings the death knoll for germs. Breakthrough in design.