As true today as it was in 1924

From a lecture on 'Sanitary Pottery' given to The Builders Merchants Alliance in October 1924 by Walter G Walker of Twyfords.

" Years ago, when one wanted to install a bathroom deluxe, it was considered to be the thing to have the lavatory and WC basin, etc. decorated either with blue and gold bands or with flowered designs, often hand-painted in various colours. Sometimes the ware itself was formed with a decorative pattern in relief. Today the demand is for all white pottery sanitary fixtures, any feeling of coldness in the bathroom being avoided by having the walls either tiled or otherwise tinted in warm colours.

" This demand for all-white bathroom suites is rapidly spreading to include the accessories and fittings as well as the fixtures, the underlying motive being bathrooms that can kept spotlessly clean with an absolute minimum of labour.

" Accessories such as mirror frames, shelves, towel rails, sponge holders and the like, can already be obtained in white pottery, but it is obvious that fittings such as taps and other working parts cannot be satisfactorily made wholly of pottery. Fittings of this kind are obtainable in brass with a white finish. By the use of these pottery-clad fittings the entire lavatory - or other fixture - can be kept perfectly clean merely wiping the whole outfit over with a damp cloth or sponge. "

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