Gym Club in the Cliffe Vale Works Canteen

Gym Club in the Canteen at Twyfords - probably 1920s
Facing the stage and proscenium arch designed by the famous local designer Gordon Forsyth.
Notice the portrait of Thomas William Twyford, top right


George Harold Viggars with his wife Millicent and son Robert in 1947 on HMS Cilicia on the way to India.  George was a Ceramics Engineer.

photo : from Ben Viggars


Retired Employees  - Smoking Concert.


Ted Brimfield (Sales Manager) and Munroe Blair (Product Manager)

Casting demonstration - using 14 x 11 inch 'Mina' washbasin mould and bottles of slip 


Twyfords Toilet Tappers with Lenny Henry 1998. Lee Harmer, Alan Gregory Paul Oakes, onstage at the Theatre Royal, Hanley, performing 'Putting on the Ritz' . Also live that night was Robbie Williams! And then the recording of it all went out on BBC1, in Lenny Henry's show 'Lenny Goes to Town' prime time, Saturday Sept 5th 1998.

The recording in March 1998 - "Lenny swept into the factory at 4.30pm with a huge film crew - make-up, lighting, cameras, sound,  wardrobe, continuity, gaffer, gofer, grip,  choreographer and researcher. Fully made-up as his new character Rikkie Park, he chose three volunteers from the factory casting shops and set about making them famous in an hilarious sketch. Volunteers Lee harmer, Alan Gregory, and Paul Oakes gave their all, singing and dancing in a well-planned routine. The team worked solidly till about 9.30pm, with  Lenny making his final piece to camera outside the factory entrance, in the dark. The following week he continued the make over of the lads at The Royal Theatre in Hanley. After rehearsing all day, they recorded a routine to the tune of Putting on the Ritz. Then the Lenny Henry Show was recorded live in the theatre with Lee, Alan and Paul (the now famous Twyford Tappers) taking centre stage. Brilliant fun, brilliant time, brilliant memories."

Twyfords Toilet Tappers with Lenny Henry 1998

Twyfords Toilet Tappers with Lenny Henry 1998


Munroe Blair finds a Twyfords Sky Blue Fireclay bath in Twyfords Museum and enjoys a water-less soak!


Fireclay Factory closed 22 August 2002  :  The fireclay factory (opposite the Clifee Vale head office) was run down and eventually closed on 22 August 2002 when all production was moved to Allia (another Sanitec Factory) in Limoges, France.

Twyfords Fireclay Factory, Cliffe Vale - the people on the day it closed


Sanitary ware for all. From : 'Flush It'

"Watery but never wet, this compelling documentary promises to put aspirations for Western levels of water provision and sanitation on the map for developing countries. The film interweaves concerns about local water shortages, global water scarcity and toilet history with aspirations for grand projects and excellent loos.

Our Twyfords factory shoot proved to be an exhilarating experience. Witnessing great numbers of newly crafted loos moving on conveyors over head, spookily humanoid robot sprayers, the kilns and workers smoothing the clay was an unexpected treat. We got so much great footage here, far more than we could fit into the film, so we thought we'd share it with you here instead.

Manager Terry Woolliscroft was something of an inspiration too; such was his knowledge of toilet manufacturing history and enthusiasm for the great sanitary leap forward provided by the flushing loo.  We instantly became fans. His infectious eagerness made such a refreshing change from the usual cynicism about growth, industrial production and all that it offers. Tiba could rest assured, if Terry had his way everyone would have fabulous loos.

Terry Woolliscroft is an award-winning international public speaker and provides presentations and talks on the humble toilet and more besides."




Dom Joly stars in Made In Britain with Mick Moran from Twyfords
Brand new series on Blighty : Monday 8 June 2009

"How much are you allowed to tell me about the Queen's toilet?" Joly asked Mick, who's worked at Twyfords for 22 years and "knew his toilets inside out".
"Very little," said Mick. Good man. Capital punishment still exists for treason you know.

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