Links & Movies

 Oxford Dictionary of National Biography   
For bios of Twyford William Twyford and his contemporaries

 The Potteries   
Huge site with loads of information about The Potteries and some references to Twyfords

 Potbank Dictionary   
Dictionary of strange words used in the pottery industry. Some references to Twyfords

 Gladstone Pottery Museum   
The fascinating museum in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, with some references to Twyfords and a fantastic Sanitaryware Gallery. The Twyford Conference Room at the museum is available for hire

 Gladstone Pottery Museum History   
The story of the museum which was opened officially in 1975 by the Duke of Gloucester

 The Potteries Bottle Oven   
Twyfords, at its Cliffe Vale and Garner Street factories used huge Bottle Ovens in which to fire the ware.

 Want a new bathroom?
From ATV Television - Advertising Magazine 1959

 Carry on at Your Convenience  
One of the famous Carry On films. Here is a trailer for the film, 1971. Recorded at the Doulton Sanitaryware factory site in Queenborough, Kent.

  Alsager Factory Tour 2001   

  The Unitas in full flush