Fire - what ceramics is all about

 1900 Fireclay bath manufacture   

Twyfords fireclay pottery baths, entirely hand built at the factory in Cliffe Vale, Stoke-on-Trent

 1901 - A statement of Quality   

Twyford Bathrooms
Statement of Quality from the Twyfords 'Catalogue of the Century' 1901

 Packing in Straw in 1923 - Pages from the Twyfords L Catalogue   

 1967 Vitreous China production at Alsager   

Type seven toilet mould and the BSS wash basin - 1967
The drawings were made and photos taken by Munroe Blair.
Photos used to illustrate Munroe's lecture tour to every regional hospital board throughout
England Wales and Scotland, plus one in Belfast. 

 Flush Testing 2002